Experiential Environment Build


Poretta & Orr staff worked with Undertone, a digital marketing agency to build out and create a space in a public lobby during Advertising Week. Partnering with Undertone we were able to create an attention grabbing and unique space that surpassed expectations. Brands are increasingly turning to experiential and unique spaces to evoke rich, emotional and memorable connections. In this instance, an Instagram mural wall was used and showcased captivating images that were shared on Instagram. It was also a great way to mix content types and generate interest.

In addition, an espresso and latte bar was incorporated providing additional opportunities to raise brand awareness through face to face engagement. Utilizing the creative expertise of our designers we created an environment that was memorable, interesting and stunning. As with many of our clients, Undertone utilized Poretta & Orr’s full-line of services, which included design, fabrication and on-site services. A soup to nuts project that was unique, successful and executed flawlessly from start to finish.