Island Tradeshow Booth


PolarityTE, developers of a revolutionary platform to induce cell and tissue polarity, approached Poretta & Orr with a visual concept for their product and company launch. Their vision for their booth design was to showcase a massive silver sphere that was visible throughout the exhibit hall. The sphere was to resemble the ever-changing element mercury and was to be the visual cornerstone of their booth.

The sphere was show stopping but considerable thought was involved. It had to be created so that sightlines and exhibit hall regulations were adhered to. Working together in a true partnership with both designers and installers, creating PolarityTE’s vision was meticulously achieved.

Utilizing a digital signage solution allowed for last minute flexibility of messaging with a flick of switch, while still providing visually engaging options for both product and company branding. Watch the time-lapse video demonstrating the sheer number of skilled hands required to create this successful and unique marketing environment. From digital billboards, catering with a coffee barista, and an interactive golf game, the PolarityTE’s booth was a well-executed marketing environment that surpassed objectives and clearly demonstrates that a successful exhibit booth is a true partnership