Experiential Marketing: Innovative. Unique. Creative. Safe. SUCCESSFUL.

Those are just some of the adjectives marketers need to concern themselves with in our current environment. I’ve read some interesting articles lately that have reinforced the important marketing strategies our expert panel of experiential marketers shared during Poretta & Orr’s recent webinar on Engagement Opportunities Through Experiential Marketing: Create Successful Mobile Vehicle & Private Event Programs.

And while our experts shared many strategies and salient points during the webinar, it ended with a couple very important strategies that were highlighted:

  • Take your event on the road.
  • Think local and regional.
  • And experiential marketing is not just an option to consider “during the pandemic”.

Experiential marketing strategies were viable options and used effectively, well before a global pandemic rocked the world of marketers. Savvy marketers view experiential marketing as a complement to face-to-face and virtual marketing strategies now and into the future.

During our recent webinar, Poretta & Orr expert John DeBoyace outlined the many experiential marketing events he has implemented throughout his career. The companies he works with not only range in size but the events range from small to large, regional to national and across all industry sectors.

Think smaller. Think controlled environment. Think meaningful engagement. Activations can be created that engage individuals and small groups. Events are brought to them to create lasting and effective moments that increase brand awareness, facilitate discussion and increase sales with both clients and prospects.

These activations can be created in any number of ways, imagination is key to success with this approach. Mobile tours led by fully trained staff, with branded tour vehicles can be used to maximize visibility amongst your target audiences. And again, use your imagination, partner or solicit sponsorships amongst like-minded brands in an effort to lower costs of the tour. In relation to cost, we have spoken to many that are surprised at the value this type of marketing can provide and are pleased to learn it is an affordable marketing strategy.  

One recent article I read highlighted how an association utilized this type of “on the road” experiential marketing effectively.

Take for example the Italian Society of Anesthesia. Their association management company reinvented their congress by creating the Traveling with ICARE tour. A group of traveling anesthesiologists and resuscitators traveled around Italy educating audiences with a kind of traveling knowledge exchange event.

The goal of this traveling event was to safely and efficiently share knowledge in an engaging format that helped facilitate discussion and involve all stakeholders, despite current limitations. A Zoom call was not an option. Zoom fatigue is real. They brought the congress to their target audience rather than the other way around, and utilized a large tour bus, outdoor pop-up meeting areas and a recording studio inside.

They traveled for 2 weeks and over 1,200 miles to major hospitals. Audiences had the opportunity to participate in a live event utilizing round tables, interviews and meet-the-expert sessions, and the event was held close to where they worked. It combined all the necessary elements for success … knowledge exchange, innovation and safety protocols that addressed the current situation.

The event was so successful that this model is being considered for the future, as well.

Watch the highlights from our recent webinar on this very topic and give us call. Tell us what your goals and objectives are and we will help you come up with an innovative approach that will elevate your marketing objectives and success.

Creative experiential marketing is what we do. Give us a call to get a conversation started!

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