Always Remember.

How can we do justice and honor
To all those we have never met?

Will they believe us when we say
We will never forget?

The sacrifices that were made
Were they all for naught?

Or will we as a nation
Learn the lessons that were taught?

Will the memories of the loss
Diminish with each passing day?

Or should we just get on bended knee
And pray, and pray, and pray?

We want you to have internal peace
The kind your sacrifice has afforded us.

You have earned our respect and gratitude
Of this you must always trust.

Will you tell your stories
Will we understand what you share?

We will try but fall short
Because we were not there.

But because of you we are free
To choose and take a stand.

We couldn’t be more grateful
That you fought for this great land.

We honor and respect you
And will forever try to find.

Ways to tell your stories
To improve on humankind.

We shall never ever forget
On this 11th day of November.

In fact we promise you
It is a day we will always remember.

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