The impact and the affects of COVID 19 have been great, both on a personal and professional front, particularly in the live events industry.

Most that will read this blog are acutely and painfully familiar with the aftermath. The personal stories and the various levels of impact that have been visited on many, if not most, in our industry are gut wrenching to hear about and watch. As we enter into a phase that seems to offer many reasons for hope for the return of live events, a sense of optimism seems to be warranted.

Optimism does not mean irresponsible. Optimism does not mean reckless. Optimism does not mean unrealistic. Optimism is not wrong.

Let’s describe what optimism can mean for our industry.

It is a measured approach that incorporates a well thought out process. But it means taking action. It means trying to figure it out. It means getting back to business. But in a way that incorporates science, recommendations and safety protocols. Numerous meetings and events have been held safely these last few months and we should learn from them and use them as models for future meetings. All of these meetings and events were meticulously planned and included safety protocols and a controlled environment.

What’s the big deal about optimism?

There are numerous studies about the effects of optimism. Thanks to ongoing research, we now know a lot more about the power of optimism and its effects on people, teams, families and businesses. For instance, 85% of optimists approach a problem by looking at it from different angles versus 26% of pessimists. This leads to uncovering opportunities, more readily. Why? Because you are not giving in to the defeatist attitude. Optimists tend to DO things and take ACTION.

Optimism can be a process that allows for us to create opportunities for conversations around innovation and helps us focus on a can-do mentality within businesses, in our homes and with clients. A perfect quote that conveys the very essence of optimism combines optimism with a plan. What do you think?

“Optimism is the triumph of hope over fear, of truth over deception, but it must be grounded in reality. Optimism without realism is just a dream; hope alone is not a strategy. Detailed planning of scenarios, laying out of plans towards an ambitious goal, and then inspiring a team to climb that hill together with passion and a mission greater than oneself – that combination is a sure path to success.”  ~ Mick Farrell, Resmed

So as we move forward working together to bring our industry back safely, do not question the appropriateness of your optimism. I am so proud to work for Poretta & Orr, a company that encouraged us right out of the gate to DO things. Get involved. Take action. Move forward and educate. It felt good at a time when we could have felt helpless.

Embrace optimism wholeheartedly, even if others do not. It is not irresponsible to want to move forward and do so safely.

As Winston Churchill once said, “I am an optimist. It does not seem much use being anything else.”

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