Poretta & Orr just wrapped up a great event supporting our client’s participation at SECO 2021. We heard encouraging feedback from many participants that the quality of the engagement opportunities with HCPs was valuable. HCPs were there to learn, ask questions and were focused. They made the effort to be there at SECO and their interest in products and services showed. So the value of face-to-face on the exhibit floor certainly rang true for those we spoke to.

But we also heard other stories. Stories like The Cookie Story.

A gentleman we met had been on a weight loss journey and hadn’t had a sweet treat in months, resulting in a 40-pound weight loss. He felt healthy and rejuvenated. So he decided to splurge and get a cookie being offered by a sponsor. While waiting in line he began chatting with someone. Well as the discussion continued, one thing led to another, and they swapped business cards, made plans for lunch and he made a solid lead.

Then there’s The FedEx Story.

Another person we met told us about how he had to ship a package unexpectedly and went to FedEx to make arrangements. While there he met a woman standing in line and began a casual conversation. That woman was an HCP. They went and grabbed a coffee at GWCC and a relationship was formed.

The Lunch Story was also shared with us.

A lady recounted for us that she was about to sit down to lunch when a nice gentleman asked if he could join her. As they exchanged pleasantries they realized they had lived in the same state, grew up visiting the same lake as children and went to the same college. Business cards were swapped so they could stay in touch because they had business synergies and thought they might be able to do business together.

What is the point of this short story? 

By all accounts, SECO demonstrated that face-to-face engagement on the exhibit floor produced quality leads. However, face-to-face events create numerous opportunities for engagement opportunities in all sorts of unexpected places. Activities that can seem absolutely mundane.

Like going to get cookie … dare we say a Fortune Cookie.


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