A P&O Zoom By

We had a Zoom call recently
To celebrate our selves.
We continue to work very hard
Yeah, just like Santa’s elves.

Life’s a little different now
For all of us you see.
And one thing that I’ve clearly learned
Zooming helps me know my Peeps.

We had a recent happy hour
And Zoomed in on all our lives.
And I was so surprised at what I learned
About my colleagues and their wives.

Vicki actually colored her own hair
She used some Madison Reed.
All us ladies oooed and ahhed
It looked quite good, we all agreed.

At one point we saw Carol
We love her, she’s a pro.
Oh wait a minute, she was just here
Where the heck did she go?

We learned that Steve likes photography
He captured the Blue Angels in the sky.
And then there was little Mary
Joe’s daughter just said, “Hi.”

Alex showed us Cooper
He is learning how to pee.
It’s not a colleague but a puppy
And great practice for their new baby.

Mary Ellen got to talking
Daughter Avery was swinging the bat.
All of a sudden we heard this noise
And Mary Ellen’s face went SPLAT!

Nick was waiting for a call
And got a new car while we Zoomed.
Let’s hope he uses restraint with speed
Or boy are we all doomed.

Kris’ house had a fabulous painting
Of colorful birds and trees.
We wouldn’t expect anything different
Her uniqueness is one of life’s guarantees.

Barb and Rich started outside
But their neighbor decided to mow.
So they brought the party inside
And then they were ready to go.

So many were talking about golf
Between chugs of their delicious libations.
Although I heard about some of the scores
And apparently it could be another year of frustration.

Doylestown Strong was a topic of discussion
As we expressed how grateful we are.
To all the essential workers
Our words of praise fall short by far.

John showed us his new fangled do
His kids cut each of his long strands.
We think crooked bangs are great
But his kids are no Edward Scissorhands.

We discussed the NFL, NBA and baseball
And we each long for the days.
When we gather together for fun
And we get back to our gathering ways.

So what I learn each time we Zoom
Is how very different we are.
And yet despite all our different ways
Each of us is a star.  

We’ve learned to use our differences
Yet move forward as a group of one.
We will get through this together
And be grateful when it’s done.

So COVID we have one thing to say
And hear us loud and clear.
Go to hell and stay there
As we Zoom and drink a beer.

You will not weaken our spirit
Or steal our optimistic drive.
COVID you will not ever beat us
Because we are P&O and we’ll thrive.

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