Experiential and Virtual Offerings

Virtual Technology and Mobile Marketing are valuable ways to enhance your marketing program


The virtual platform developed and executed by P&O for our virtual conference participation has been nothing short of amazing!  It’s customized, with intuitive experiences on where you want to go, any actions needing to be taken with key metrics on the back end.  It also offers a personal element to the brand ensuring the end users experience is authentic and interactive.

Keith W. Burke, Vice President of Marketing
MERZ Therapeutics

Experiential & Event Tour Development

Experiential Tours and Private Events provide the ability to access new areas of your market with a fully immersive brand experience. This allows you to approach your targets on a more regional level in a controlled environment.

These engaging, non-virtual events take your experiential marketing program on the road where you need to reach your target audience face-to-face. Ideal for hands-on product demonstrations, one-on-one interactions or market research. Experiential Tours and Private Events influence your targets with memorable, multi-sensory brand engagement experiences.

Interactive Virtual Environments

To further your reach, augment your marketing program with Interactive Virtual Environments (IVE). Deliver experiences your target audience wants to attend and drive engagement with flexible formats. These virtual events reach global markets, provide interactive experiences, and capture leads. IVEs work with your traditional face-to-face marketing strategies to connect your audience with your brand, feature your product demos or videos, all with the benefit of connecting with your sales representatives directly.

“P&O didn’t just place our in-person booth into a virtual platform – they transformed it! The team’s extensive expertise in this space and strong pulse on the changing industry helped us lead the way in launching a memorable virtual booth experience for our customers. They’re also fantastic people to work with!”

Alex Monkiewicz, HCP/Professional Product Manager
Merz Therapeutics

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Virtual Meeting Production

Orchestrate your best meeting ever by partnering with our Virtual Meeting Production team. Our services encompass every aspect of production and promotion. From initial concept, to finalizing the smallest details, work with our experts to unlock engagement opportunities. Our professional moderators and technicians will help you host everything from sales meetings, KOL presentations, executive-level panel deliberations to 3D product launches with our virtual meeting platform. Gain the benefit of recording audience interaction and back-end metrics with this advanced program.

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