There is Always Room for Hope

Today is the Fourth of July. A day to celebrate the birth of our nation.

For many, the Fourth of July also evokes a deep sense of love for the U.S. and the hope that our love can help us move forward and collectively meet the challenges we face today and in the future.

I saw a picture this week that was taken in Downingtown, PA and while it was beautiful, it was the caption that stuck with me. It simply read, “There is always room for HOPE.”

So what is HOPE? It is possessing an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes, applicable to your own circumstances or those of the world at large. HOPE coupled with action is exactly the formula that will allow us to continue to celebrate the Fourth of July with love and pride.

Our Founding Fathers fought for change so that citizens would have a better life and we continue that fight today. We may not always agree on what that change should be or how to get there, but isn’t that one of the very reasons our nation is so great? The very essence of the Fourth of July celebrations is to honor the fact that we live in a country that allows for disagreement and many viewpoints.

There is no question, we have been challenged in 2020, both personally and as a nation, however it is important to remember that we have endured many historical challenges and have moved forward and thrived.

Remember, there is always room for HOPE and it starts in towns like Downingtown, PA all across our nation.

So Happy Fourth of July!

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