CES 2020 is a Beast. Tame the Beast.

So you are exhibiting at CES soon and want to make a splash. Presumably months of planning have already been spent on developing your exhibit marketing plan. Hopefully this includes an integrated marketing approach that will drive traffic to your exhibit for memorable engagements that can be measured against your company’s goals and objectives for this monstrosity of a show. Yes, CES is a beast of a show. CES is a big investment. Make the most of it.

In 2019 CES had more than 4,400 exhibiting companies and exhibit space of more than 2.9 million net square feet that attracted 307 of the 2018 Fortune Global 500 companies. In addition, this attracted and provided more than 175,000 industry professionals. Whether you are launching a new product or service, the goal is to make sure that it is noticed by your desired target audience. In an exhibit hall obviously the star of the show is the exhibit but it doesn’t shine it’s brightest without some support which is why an integrated marketing approach is how to optimize your success. The saying, “build it and they will come” just doesn’t apply well in this case. A more applicable saying in this case would be, “build it, plan for it, set goals for it, follow-up on it and measure it” is much more appropriate.

Depending on the technology, product or service you plan to highlight at CES 2020 be sure to grab the attention of the press. The press is in full-force at CES. The global media coverage of CES 2019 included 6,365 members of the media from 79 countries, regions and territories. The press is looking for creative, unique, new or interesting angle(s) that they can write about so they can wow their readers or viewers. Writing an announcement about a new product or service is not enough in this day and age. So be creative and provide the press or social media followers a reason to share your product or service information with the world.

Poretta & Orr’s client Schneider Electric is optimizing their marketing efforts at CES 2020 by participating in CES Media Day on Monday January 6th from 1:00 – 1:45. Be sure to check them out as they highlight their in-home smart technology aptly named Wiser Smart Home. If you’re a member of the press be sure to add it to your agenda.  If you’re an attendee, be sure to check out their innovative product line in their innovative exhibit that is made to look like different areas of the home: living room, kitchen, garage, backyard. You will be glad you did!

When it comes to the media or press, be sure to think like them and make it easy for them to share your story. It is important to continue to develop relationships with the press because even though your company may not have a new product launch at CES 2020, presumably down the road you will. Always a good thing to nurture relationships!

Some of the highlights from CES 2019 included roll-up TV’s, wearables that keep you safe while running and an ultrasound bladder sensor that reminds you when you have to … well, you know. Products and technologies are vast at CES, and unless your company finds a way to differentiate themselves and be remembered, they will be lost in a sea of information.  But here’s a tip, when telling your story, use numbers to add some pow! Highlight the fact that a new technology helped a company achieved a 30% savings or increased efficiencies by 10%. That is real and memorable and information that can be used by decision makers to buy your product(s).

Engaging attendees is critical to an exhibitor’s success. Many utilize gimmicks and even celebrities to getting attendees to your exhibit. A case be made for all types of activities to draw attendees but research clearly shows that attendees love to touch, feel and use a product. So incorporate demonstrations whenever possible. Make sure your exhibit was designed to allow for comfortable maneuvering of attendees and demo’s. Be sure to highlight what makes your product(s) different or unique. And if you can find a way to turn a demonstration into a photo op with some pizzazz, that is the ultimate marketing opportunity.

CES is next week and it is a beast of a show. We mean this in a very good way. With that said, a show that draws 175,000 attendees needs a plan, a beast of a plan. At Poretta & Orr we think it takes a beast to tame a beast, so give us a call when you’re ready to slay the dragon.

Poretta & Orr would wish you good luck at CES 2020, but luck has nothing to do with it. So partner well and enjoy much success at CES 2020!

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