A Valentine to Healthcare Marketers.

It is Valentine’s Day. Poretta & Orr wanted to take this opportunity to send an open Valentine to our clients and industry colleagues in the healthcare marketing industry. What you do each and every day is amazing and we love you for it.

In an industry that is fraught with never ending change and heated discussion as to how to move forward, we wanted you to know that we understand what you do matters…a lot. As healthcare marketing continues to follow the changes in our industry, we salute your efforts to support the transition to value-based care by helping find creative ways to educate patients and healthcare professionals. Your efforts to find creative ways to help healthcare professionals educate patients about mind-boggling medical devices and life-saving medicines is astounding. Efforts to bring patients into the healthcare systems with opportunities for increased engagement to keep them healthy has immeasurable value and is the driving force behind the direct-to-consumer ads, the journal articles and the face-to-face marketing efforts at healthcare conventions around the world. 

On this Valentine’s Day we would be remiss not to mention your unfledging PASSION. Healthcare marketing is different from the traditional types of marketing in many other industries. Healthcare marketing if done right, changes lives and in many cases, saves lives, and it’s supposed to. That’s a big mandate or some would say responsibility. Poretta & Orr knows first-hand that healthcare marketers do not take this responsibility lightly. 

As we continue to be pushed by our clients to assist with creating creative, memorable and innovative experiential environments, we feel your passion and continue to learn. Intellectually, we all know the goal of healthcare marketing is to improve patient care but recently our staff was reminded of this like we were gob-smacked. We attended a patient-focused convention and the stories and memorable engagements we experienced through our clients was an invaluable reminder that what you do must be steeped in purpose and accountability. The truest sense of the word responsible.

As you continue your journey, exploring ways to be creative, all while incorporating measurable objectives and strategy, we want you to know your PASSION is evident and we think you are CRUSHING it. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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