2020: Push Boundries and Propel Yourself to EPICness

The New Year is nearly upon us and it is not unusual to feel a bit excited about the prospect of starting fresh or improving on the journey that is already in full swing. Current research shows that nearly 60 percent of us will make some type of New Year’s resolution(s) but only about 8 percent of us will actually reach our goals.

Set yourself up right by focusing on opportunities that will prepare you for this wonderful new decade 2020! As you can imagine, 2020 will continue to bring change. An important element for all of us in the workforce is to continue to hone our skills. Improving certain skills and continuous learning are factors that can contribute to successful interactions.

In our line of work, the exhibit and event industry, building memorable exhibits and experiences is key. However, how one interfaces with people during this process is also very important to achieve success. In a recent Forbes article, some crucial skills were highlighted as necessary in our ever-changing world. I couldn’t help but compare the list to so many instances where Poretta & Orr excels.

Let’s talk learnability. First off, what does learnability even mean? Well, it centers around adaptability and growing your skills and knowledge base. At Poretta & Orr this is instilled in each of us when we are encouraged to attend industry meetings, participate in webinars and join our peers for lunch & learns. But what we are even more proud of at Poretta & Orr is that many of our staff are considered industry experts and regularly speak at industry events.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” Alvin Toffler

So as the work environment continues its rapid change, remember the importance of staying on top of industry advances. Be open to learn or improve the skills required to stay competitive or that increase efficiencies. Be proactive rather than reactive in the New Year.

Resilience was noted as an important skill to utilize in the New Year. Resilience is the ability to adjust to the constant ebb and flow of our work environment. How one chooses to deal with any given situation is what often determines success.

“The oak fought the wind and was broken, the willow bent when it must and survived.” Robert Jordan

Being able to bounce back or think quickly when faced with the unexpected is crucial. Always focus on the end-game or the goal. Remember with each challenge presented there is a valuable lesson. Put simply, positivity and flexibility go a long way.

The very nature of our work in this industry mandates collaboration and learning how to collaborate well is a learned skill. With complex projects collaboration as a team continues to grow in importance. At Poretta & Orr we know there is never a one-size-fits-all approach and understanding a client’s definition of collaboration is key. Once that is defined, effective collaboration can increase by fostering open communication, clearly defined roles and accountability.

Everything is better when working on a project that is managed well. Communication and follow-up are key, even if the follow-up is letting a client or teammate know that you are still following-up! Don’t let them wonder, keep them in the loop. And a reminder to all, clients can be internal or external depending on your role in company.

Another important note, communication is not solely about providing status reports. Those that communicate well are able to convey and persuade the importance of a new idea, a better product, or new process. Honing this skill can save you and your client time, money, resources and can elevate your leadership stature, as well.

They say empathy is the ability to step into someone else’s shoes to see things from their perspective. Who doesn’t want that in a client-partner or teammate? Demonstrating empathy is vital for all of us in the workplace to establish real connections. The ability to communicate by being genuine is especially important and promotes the sense that others are heard and seen. “You make perfect sense.” “I understand what you are saying.” “I feel for you under these circumstances.” All of these sentiments, coupled with solutions, are practiced at Poretta & Orr and are what make us a valued partner.

And finally, let’s highlight creativity. Yes, creativity is a skill. Many still seem to think being creative means to be clever or unique, and while that is part of the definition it means so much more. You can actually learn to be more creative. Creativity just means having original ideas that are valued by a client or teammate. It is a process of critical thinking involving fresh ideas and the ability to imagine the wonders of the future.

At Poretta & Orr we are proud to work with individuals that are not only creative but creative rebels. Creative rebels question. Creative rebels are curious. Creative rebels push boundaries. All of which lead to new ideas, new solutions, and in our industry this translates to epic exhibits and immersive events.

The Creative Rebels at Poretta & Orr wish you an epic 2020!

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